Blog - What we have been up to

Welcome to our Blog, published to give you an update on what the council has recently been up to and projects we are working on.

Road conditions and speeding

We receive many reports of speeding through the parish roads.  As a result, we have purchased a speed awareness sign that is moved around the parish to highlight speed limits.  We can download data from the sign on how many vehicles use the roads and their speed.  

Northern Distributor Road Liaison Group

Several councillors and interested parishioners meet monthly with the NDR project team to discuss the progress of the works and share the parish's views and concerns.  we will also be getting a SAM sign for the parish.  A SAM is electronic flashing sign that is activated by passing vehicles which are travelling over the speed limit.  This sign will be moved around the parish at key areas to raise awareness of and deter speeding.

We last meet in July and discussed the works to date.  We have asked the team to look at regularly cutting the verges along Smee Lane and Low Road in addition to repairing some of the passing places that have deteriorated with the recent weather and increased traffic.

The group also met on Thursday 5 May.  We raised concerns regarding speeds of vehicles through the parish and discussed the programme of works focused on the two bridges shortly to start construction within the parish area.

The NDR team are looking at ways to raise awareness of speed restrictions particularly along Church Road, low Road, Hare Road, Smee Lane and Water Lane.  The parish are also looking at applying for a mobile speed sign and other speed awareness and restriction methods through the parish grant administrated by Broadland District Council.  If you have any comments or ideas please get in touch.