Community Infrastructure Levy

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

What is it and what does it mean for the parish?

CIL is a levy that Local Authorities can choose to charge on new developments in their area.  The money should be used to support development by funding infrastructure that the council, local community and neighbourhoods want.  For further information on CIL in the Broadland District Council area please click here

Town and parish councils are entitled to a percentage of any community infrastructure levy paid in respect of developments in their areas. As we have an adopted Neighbourhood plan we are entitled to 25%.  

What can we spend the levy on?

The levy must be used to fund projects that “support the development” of a town or parish council’s area. This might include funding affordable housing, play space, open space, the provision of allotments and other community buildings, and other facilities. A town or parish council must spend the levy within five years of receipt or it may have to repay it to the charging authority.

What projects are we considering?

Following the consultation as part of our Neighbourhood Plan, we are focusing on three main projects outlined below.  

1.  Great Plumstead Sports Facility Proposal

We consulted with parishioners as part of the development and adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan on improvements to the Parish.  One of the adopted local policies was building changing facilities at Great Plumstead recreation ground for the use of the community and sports teams.  

Since the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan, we have been looking at the local policies and how we can move these forward.  As part of this we are conducting a feasibility study into creating a facility at the recreation ground to support and enhance existing and new activities. Part of the facility will support the continued growth of the bowls club replacing their existing facilities and support a local football team. However, the facility is there to promote all pursuits and further suggestions are welcomed.  We must also clearly state that this is not to replace the already existing and successful village hall and any activities must be complimentary.  

2.  Walled Garden Proposal

The Walled Garden forms part of the original Little Plumstead Hospital Site.  It has historically been in active use by the patients of the hospital and used for special events liked parties and fetes, unfortunately when the original hospital closed the garden fell into disrepair.  Cripps Developments purchased the walled garden along with the rest of the Hospital Site and are now in the process of transferring the land to the Parish Council.  Under the Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council are keen to ensure that the parishioners have access to amenity land and believe that the Walled Garden could potentially become this.  A Steering Group has subsequently been formed and have approached the Parish Council to possibly become the tenants of the Walled Garden with a view to developing the land into a producing garden, cafe and shop. 

3. Junction Improvement at Brick Kilns Public House, Little Plumstead.  

This is a long held aspiration for the community and is currently proposed to be part of new development off Salhouse Road which has recently held a public exhibition. This remains a key policy within the neighbourhood plan and is subject to the planning process. 

In addition, there were a number of other projects highlighted that have either been agreed through other means or may have been completed.  These are highlighted below.

The Plumsteads Neighbourhood plan was developed over the course of 2013 and 2014 and drafted by a volunteer steering group that included parish council members, local resident association members, representatives from the local community and land owners.  The following Community Aspirations where identified and set out in the Neighbourhood Plan:

1 – Changing Room Facilities at Great Plumstead Playing Field

2 – Footpath Improvements at Water Lane, Great Plumstead (part of current development)

3 – Provision of New Bus Stop on Church Road, Great Plumstead (part of current development)

4 – Woodland Walk Extension, Thorpe End

What have we spent CIL on so far:

  • Purchase of the SAM2 speed awareness sign.  This was half funded through the Norfolk County Council Parish Partnership fund.
  • Improvements to the Bus Shelter on Hospital Road
How you can get involved?

Tell us what you think about the proposals outlined above through this link(opens a survey) or contacting us via [email protected].

As new development may or may not happen in our parish, we need ideas for other projects however small or big.  Please tell us what improvements you would like to see across the villages.