NDR Information

Northern Distributor Road

Through this page we will highlight some of the work the Parish Council and its members are doing to minimise the impact of the NDR works on our community.

Please do sign up to the Norfolk County Council Transport Matters newsletter and the NDR newsletter here for latest news on its progress and forthcoming works, road closures and initiatives.

Your council has been meeting with the NDR project team to disucss any local issues as a result of the works. 

We are currently discussing the impact of increased traffic through our villages and the adverse affect this is having on the quality of our roads.

The NDR team have cut some of the verges on Smee lane and Low road to help with visibility.

They have agreed with us the signage warning drivers of road closures and inappropriate roads to travel down (as example Toad Lane by positioning signs in advance of this junction).

Road Conditions

we are aware of the deteriorating road conditions in the Parish and have been speaking to Norfolk County Council Highways regarding these.  however, please do notify us of any areas of poor condition and we will add this to our list.  Things have obviously been exacerbated with the wet weather.

Brick Kilns Junction

Over the last few weeks, the Brick Kilns junction has witnessed two accidents, one causing damage to the pub.  Through our County Councillor Ian Mackie we have raised our strong concerns and have asked that the junction is reviewed.  Highways have proposed to review the signage and make tis clearer on all entrances/exits as well as work to improve visibility.  we are waiting for the police reports to establish the cause of the accidents and whether the road or human error has played a part.